May 21–25, 2023, Hamburg, Germany

4th ISC HPC International Workshop on “Monitoring & Operational Data Analytics”

Date: Thursday, May 25, 2023, 09:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Room: Hall Y5 - 2nd Floor

Type: Workshop

Description: The Monitoring and Operational Data Analytics (MODA) workshop aims to provide insight into the current state and trends in MODA, identify potential gaps, and offer an outlook into the future of the involved fields: high performance computing, databases, machine learning, and possible solutions that can contribute to the design and procurement of upcoming Exascale systems. The focus of the MODA 2023 workshop is on challenges, solutions, and best practices for monitoring systems at HPC and data centers, as well as on effective strategies for analyzing and interpreting the collected operational data. The workshop is unique to the European HPC arena in addressing these topics. Through a balanced mix of a keynote address, peer-reviewed technical paper presentations, invited talks, and a panel discussion, MODA 2023 will establish a forum of discourse, exchange of ideas about current practices in HPC monitoring, logging, analysis, and debate on the usefulness and applicability of AI and ML techniques on collected operational data for optimizing the operation of production systems and the codesign of future HPC systems.

Links: Official link from ISC 2023

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