November 13-18, 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah

Seventh Annual Workshop for the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group (EE HPC WG)

Date: Sunday, November 13, 2016, 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Room: 155-C

Type: Workshop

Description: This annual workshop is organized by the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group ( It provides a strong blended focus that includes both the facilities and system perspectives; from architecture through design and implementation. The topics reflect the activities and interests of the EE HPC WG, which is a group with over 600 members from ~20 different countries. This workshop is unique in that it provides a forum for sharing best practices of major supercomputing centers from around the world. Discussion and audience participation is encouraged. There are presentations, panels and discussions instead of papers and posters. Presenters are mostly from major governmental and academic supercomputing centers. The panels encourage discussion around more controversial topics and include panelists from supercomputing centers, academic institutions as well as the vendor community. This year's topics will include: future proofing your data-center design, energy efficiency economics, open-interfaces and frameworks for power and energy management, optical interconnects and photonics, controlling power and energy through-out the software stack. This year’s keynote speaker is Thomas Schulthess, Director of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.

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