November 13-18, 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah

Efficient Parallel Debugging for MPI, Threads, and Beyond

Date: Sunday, November 13, 2016, 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Room: 250-D

Type: Tutorial

Description: Parallel software enables modern simulations on high performance computing systems. Defects—or commonly bugs—in these simulations can have dramatic consequences on matters of utmost importance. This is especially true if defects remain unnoticed and silently corrupt results. The parallelism that enables these simulations gives rise to a wide range of parallelism related defects. Thus developers must both cope with mastering complex HPC architectures and the pitfalls of parallel programming.

We invite attendees to a tutorial that addresses the efficient removal of software defects. The tutorial provides systematic debugging techniques that are tailored to defects that revolve around parallelism. We present leading edge tools that aid developers in pinpointing, understanding, and removing defects in MPI, OpenMP, MPI-OpenMP, and further parallel programming paradigms. The tutorial tools include the widely used parallel debugger Allinea DDT, the data race detector Intel Inspector XE, the highly-scalable stack analysis tool STAT, and the MPI correctness tool MUST. Hands-on examples—make sure to bring a laptop computer—will guide attendees in the use of these tools. We conclude the tutorial with a discussion and provide pointers for debugging with paradigms such as CUDA or on architectures such as Xeon Phi.

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