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November 17-22, 2013, Denver, Colorado

ACM Gordon Bell Finalists: Radiative Signatures of the Relativistic Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability

Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Room: 201/203

Description: We present a particle-in-cell simulation of the relativistic Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability (KHI) that for the first time delivers angularly resolved radiation spectra of the particle dynamics during the formation of the KHI. This enables studying the formation of the KHI with unprecedented spatial, angular and spectral resolution. Our results are of great importance for understanding astrophysical jet formation and comparable plasma phenomena by relating the particle motion observed in the KHI to its radiation signature. The innovative methods presented here on the implementation of the particle-in-cell algorithm on graphic processing units can be directly adapted to any many-core parallelization of the particle-mesh method. With these methods we see a peak performance of 7.176 PFLOP/s (double-precision) plus 1.449 PFLOP/s (single-precision), an efficiency of 96% when weakly scaling from 1 to 18432 nodes, an efficiency of 68.92% and a speed up of 794 (ideal: 1152) when strongly scaling from 16 to 18432 nodes.

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