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eeClust - Energy-Efficient Cluster Computing

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SESSION: Research Poster Reception

EVENT TYPE: Electronic Poster

DATE: Tuesday, 11/15, 5:15PM - 7:00PM


AUTHORS: Michael Knobloch, Timo Minartz, Daniel Molka, Stephan Krempel, Thomas Ludwig, Bernd Mohr

ROOM: WSCC North Galleria 2nd/3rd Floors

The eeClust project aims at reducing the energy consumption of applications on a HPC cluster by an integrated approach of analysis, efficient management of hardware power-states and monitoring of the clusters power consumption. The application is traced and the trace file is analyzed - manually with Vampir and automatically with Scalasca - to determine phases in the application with non-optimal hardware utilization. The source-code is then instrumented with API calls to control a daemon which switches hardware power-states at runtime. This daemon is aware of shared resources (e.g. the network interface) and only switches a resource to a lower power-state when all processes sharing that resource do not need it. The ParaStation Grid Monitor is used to monitor and visualize the power consumption and hardware usage of the cluster. This poster gives an overview of the project and presents the analysis, hardware management and monitoring aspects in more detail.

Bernd Mohr (Chair) - Juelich Supercomputing Centre
Michael Knobloch - Forschungszentrum Juelich
Timo Minartz - University Hamburg
Daniel Molka - Technical University Dresden
Stephan Krempel - ParTec Cluster Competence Center
Thomas Ludwig - University Hamburg
Bernd Mohr - Forschungzentrum Juelich

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