VampirTrace 5.13

The recent release primarily addresses scalability challenges. While previous releases focussed on parallel versions of the whole VampirTrace software stack, these enhancements render most parallel file systems slow or even unresponsive if VampirTrace writes trace files for more than 10.000 processes. VampirTrace now supports the I/O Forwarding Scalability Layer (IOFSL), which allows users to write the data of many trace files into one or a few physical files. The new version also extends the use of NVIDIA's CUPTI interface. Now, even further sources of GPGPU events with reduced overhead and higher GPU activity measurement accuracy are provided. Additionally, new filter rules - including expressions for recursive, group, and stack filtering - allow users to only measure events of interest. VampirTrace 5.13 also includes stability enhancements and is available under a BSD Open Source License at