The new instrumentation and run-time measurement infrastructure Score-P is now officially supported by Vampir. Score-P supports profiling and event tracing for parallel and HPC applications, generating either profiles in the CUBE4 format or event traces in the OTF2 format. It is a joint software infrastructure developed and maintained by Technische Universität Dresden, Research Center Jülich, University of Oregon, and Technische Universität Munich. The current version is available as Open Source software under a New BSD License. Score-P will become the default measurement system for Vampir in the near future. The same is anticipated for the equally well known performance tools Scalasca, TAU, and Periscope. Thus, the different measurement systems of the four tools are replaced by a single, unified solution. This will improve the user experience, both in respect to usability and interoperability between the tools. More information and downloads: